Gary L. Bethune

Licensed in Michigan

Not Admitted in Arizona

David J Adamski

Licensed in Arizona & Michigan

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Money Puzzel
Gary L. Bethune & Associates, P.C.

We are the missing piece in your accounts receivable solution
Bethune & Associates is a law firm that concentrates its practice solely in the areas of commercial collections and litigation.  Our services are provided on a contingency fee basis only.  You will never have to pay a retainer, placement fee, or non-contingent suit fees.  Our firm is paid only out of the funds we recover for you.   More Information...

Who is watching your money?
Our years of experience should be leveraged to your benefit.

  • Do you track your accounts by both the total number of accounts placed along with the total dollar value of each?
  • Do you merely trust the numbers your current vendor(s) provide?
  • Do you know how to objectively compare your vendors' results and identify the accounting variations some collection agencies have been known to employ to skew their results?
We can help you take control of vendor management.  More Information...

The Recovery Process
We will walk you through the collection process step-by-step. Click here to take a tour...