Gary L. Bethune

Licensed in Michigan

Not Admitted in Arizona

David J Adamski

Licensed in Arizona & Michigan

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Asset & Liability Investigation
Litigation Recovery: Step 4 of 5
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Once it is determined that litigation is warranted, and we have been authorized by the client, Bethune & Associates will initiate legal proceeding with a filing of a Summons and Complaint.  Whenever possible, Bethune & Associates will file the pleadings in conjunction with a Pre-Judgment Writ of Attachment listing the assets that we will attempt to freeze and execute against.  This action forces the debtor to address the matter immediately or be faced with the possibility of a court "freeze" of those items listed in the writ.

This type of legal maneuver is attempted to force an expeditious conclusion to our legal action.  In those cases that such a maneuver is overcome, or not possible, ongoing measures are taken to continue pressure on the debtor to satisfy his liability.

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