Gary L. Bethune

Licensed in Michigan

Not Admitted in Arizona

David J Adamski

Licensed in Arizona & Michigan

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Pre-Trial Negotiations
Asset & Liability Investigation
Pre-Trial Negotiations Recovery: Step 2 of 5
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Upon receipt of the placement, the debtor is immediately contacted. Initial demand for payment of the full balance is made. The debtor is made aware of your intent to pursue the matter to a conclusion through whatever legal means are available. A final opportunity is given the debtor to make voluntary restitution of the amount due. Every attempt is made to collect your balance in full without litigation.

However, if the debtor offers to negotiate an arrangement, you will be advised of the offer. We discuss all options with you, so that an informed decision can be made.

When an understanding is reached, Bethune & Associates will attempt to place its client in a secured position in order to maximize the recovery of funds owed. Once this has been accomplished, Bethune & Associates will continue to press for the fastest possible resolution.

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